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Satin Durag + Bonnet

Satin Durag + Bonnet

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Durags and Bonnets are quite similar to each other. In combination with each other, they form a perfect package to secure your hair.

In fact, Durags can be used in various ways. For protecting the hair and its waves or curls from loosening their structure to using the durag as a scarf or a bandana while biking, durags have lots of utilities.

Similarly, bonnets are used to sleep in so that their hair is not disturbed by all the movement at night. This is especially true if the hair is curly. The curls or waves can lose their structure pretty soon if not protected well. That is why durags and bonnets are so useful for the hair.

The material with which they are made also makes a huge difference. Satin is the classic choice for both durags and bonnets.

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